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Yk Series High Frequency Circular Vibrating Screen


Yk series high frequency circular vibrating screen is widely used in dry and wet classification of medium and fine size material.

product details

Industry solutions:

Circular vibrating screen, also known as circular motion vibrating screen, this circular vibrating screen is suitable for sifting wet and dry materials and can remove oversize and contamination, thereby improving the quality of your product. These industrial screening machines are used in a variety of applications including screening pharmaceutical powders, various food powders and powder coatings, and are also available in different sizes and options to suit your screening requirements. The High Frequency Circular Vibrating Screen achieves higher throughput rates compared to standard vibrating screens of the same diameter.

Yk Series High Frequency Circular Vibrating Screen

Work Guidelines:

Circular vibrating screens operate using indirect excitation of the screen. The entire screen frame is driven by an unbalanced mass, creating a circular vibratory motion.

Another key feature: the non-directional vibration of the circular vibrating system has a steep launch angle, and the screen area must be further inclined to achieve a suitable conveying speed. Practice has proved that the optimal angle is 15° to 30°.

Features and Benefits

Improve product quality - eliminate oversize and contamination in powder or liquid slurries

Increased productivity - our screeners have higher throughput than standard vibrating screens

Small Footprint - The compact form requires minimal headroom and can easily fit into your existing production line

Reduce cleaning downtime - tool-less, quick-release mechanism facilitates removal and cleaning

Eliminate dust and fumes - enclosed sanitary screener ensures complete containment of screened material

Reduced noise levels - rubber suspension system reduces mechanical noise and ensures quiet operation


low operating cost

High operational reliability

long lasting

value for money

Small footprint

excellent separation

Technical Specifications

Screen throughputs of up to 500 m3/h in different sizes

Drive: An unbalanced motor/circular drive

Optional ball blast attachment for textile cleaning

Different screen linings: PU, spring steel wire, VA vanadium steel, slotted screen, perforated plate, etc.




protective screening




What is the use of industrial vibrating screen?

Shakers are widely used in the processing industry as an effective way to protect ingredients and final products from contamination and caking. Industrial vibratory screening machines are usually made of a single-layer plate containing a screen that is used to screen out oversize, agglomerates and foreign objects from liquids and powders. A motor attached to the screen uses an unbalanced force to create vibrations that move the material through the screen.

Are sieves and filters the same thing?

Although the words sieve and sieve are used interchangeably, a sieve and a strainer are not the same thing. Usually sieves can be used to screen powders and liquids, while the term filter (also called filtration) is more commonly used when referring to screening liquids or slurries.

What is the difference between a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen?

The difference between a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen is the way the machines are shaped and the motion they use to move the material through the screen. In linear machines, the back-and-forth motion allows the powder to move linearly during the sieving process, which is usually not used for liquid applications. Circular vibrating screens use circular vibrating motion and are suitable for liquid and powder applications. While both linear and circular screens use vibration to handle material, circular screens tend to be smaller in size and have a more hygienic design, making them easier to install into processing lines, increasing process efficiency, enabling more hygienic screening and reducing labor cost.

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