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What Is the Right Choice for a Vibrating Screen?

Mar. 04, 2021

Selection of the machine type

Determined mainly on the basis of the following conditions.

1.The name, specific gravity, viscosity and temperature of the material to be screened.

2.The processing capacity per hour.

3.Screen mesh number.

4.The proportion of particle size of the material and the required sieving accuracy.

5.The material's acidity and alkalinity (determine the use of 304# stainless steel or 316L stainless steel).

6.the space size of the production site to place the vibrating screen.

Installation of the vibrating screen

1. Remove the sealing mechanism. As the screen body and the frame are connected by rubber springs, they are fixed by the sealing mechanism for safe transport. After entering the installation site, the sealing machine should be removed. It is forbidden to test the machine without taking off the sealing mechanism.

2. When installing, the screen body should be level. In the case of no foundation, an anti-vibration rubber plate should be laid between the table and the machine base.

3.Equipment stress environment and stress state are more complex, for safety, vibration motor should be connected to the standard ground.

Test run

1. Close the power switch and run the machine empty for 20-30 minutes. The motors on both sides of the screen body should rotate in opposite directions in order to effectively counteract the lateral force. If the direction is not correct, please adjust the three-phase power supply.

2.Should confirm that the vibrating motor is running within the rated current, at the beginning of the operation, especially on low-temperature occasions, the current will be slightly higher, but within 20-30 minutes, it should be reduced to within the rated current value.

3.Vibrating screen operation shall not have abnormal sound, if there is abnormal sound, should quickly shut down the machine for inspection. The occurrence of abnormal sound is generally caused by the loose fastening part, especially when transporting and reassembling after decomposition, pay great attention to the fastening of each part. Equipment in the start and stop there is a momentary resonance area (1-3 seconds), at this time the amplitude and noise will increase significantly, which is a normal phenomenon.

4.After empty machine operation, can be a small amount of material through the inlet into the sieve machine, and then slowly increase to the required and can withstand the amount of material. The amplitude of vibration should be 5-5.5mm.

5.The sieve grid will generally be placed inside the clean-up ball, the equipment runs to play a role in cleaning up the screen surface.

Adjustment of vibration direction angle and screen body inclination angle

1. Changing the vibration direction angle of the motor can change the trajectory and residence time of the material. In order to make the equipment adapt to the separation state demanded by various materials, such as the distribution of materials, processing capacity, separation efficiency, over-screening rate and other various changes, it should be adjusted to the best state.

It is adjusted to a reasonable angle at the factory according to the nature of the material and the output requirements of the customer, so there is generally no need to adjust it again.

Note: Two motors running-in phase. Two motors must be in the same phase angle.

2. Adjustment of the motor throwing block. The phase angle of the upper and lower blocks of the motor can be reduced or increased, its role is to increase or reduce the excitation force of the equipment, the phase angle of the upper and lower motors must be the same. The phase angle of the motor must be the same. The factory has been adjusted to a suitable angle.

3. The angle of inclination of the sieve machine is adjustable between 9 and 18 degrees, and the angle can be customised for special materials screening. Sometimes due to the specific gravity of the material, humidity, stacking tilt angle, output, processing effect and other parameters and requirements, may need to be fine-tuned, so that the equipment to play the appropriate high efficiency.

The information is provided by the vibrating screen supplier.


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