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GJZX Series Banana Linear Vibrating Screen


Banana-type vibrating screen is a self-synchronizing heavy-duty equal-thickness screen, the screen box is similar to banana shape, and the screen beam adopts box beam. The vibration exciter is connected by an intermediate transmission shaft. It is widely used in coal grading, desliming, dehydration, and de-intermediation, and can also be used for classification of medium and fine size of material with high content of undersize material. 

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Industry solutions:

Banana Linear Vibrating Screen is named after the lining of the sieve is arranged in banana shape, also known as equal thickness sieve. Advantages compared to traditional screens: much larger feed volume with the same screen area. Mainly used for coal grading, desliming, dehydration and medium removal, and also suitable for screening and grading of other minerals.

Banana Vibrating Screen

Advantages of Banana Vibrating Screen:

✔  Single or double deck design

✔  Reasonable vibration parameters avoid the natural frequencies of the sieve body and reduce the resonance effect

✔  The sidewalls are made of a single sheet and the frame (side walls and cross beams) is riveted with HUCK bolts,avoiding weaknesses or tensions in the metal that may be caused by welding, improving the strength and rigidity of the sidewalls and the reliability of the equipment

✔  Box beam construction is adopted on the girder of the exciter and the cross beam of the screen frame. The internal stiffeners enhance the rigidity and strength of the screen and lighten up the machine, so as to improve the efficiency  and reduce the power consumption

✔  The girder of exciter and the cross beams are annealed after welding to eliminate the stress 

✔  Machining between sections of girders and sidewalls

✔  Long lifetime ( screen body up to 10 years, drive up to more than 60,000 hours)

Main Characters of Banana Vibrating Screen:

● Multi-slope, 50% higher than conventional screen in capacity

● Huck bolted on assembly

● Free welding stress, rectangular cross Beam lined with rubber

● Modular decks

● Anzhong Brand case type vibrator

Oil lubricated with spherical roller bearing

● Long life bearing , adjustable amplitude

● 1.8m-4.9m deck wide, 6.1-9.11m deck long

● Single deck and double deck

● Vibrating frequency 750-970r/min

● Stroke: 9mm-14mm

Two main operations have to occur for material to be screened: stratification and separation. Stratification is the process of larger sized material rising to the top of the bed, while smaller particles go to the bottom of the bed. Separation is the process by which particles introduced to the screen opening either fall through the opening or do not. Stratification must occur before separation can take place.

Applicalble Industries:

  • Iron Steel and metals works

  • Sand and Gravel

  • Chemicals and Plastics

  • Mining

  • Magnesite

  • Coal

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Factors that affect stratification include:

The material's travel flow rate down the screen, which is a function of bed thickness, stroke characteristics and screen slope. Generally the steeper the slope of the screen, the faster the rate of travel.

Stroke characteristics, which include amplitude, direction, rotation, types of motion and frequency.

Surface particle moisture; high surface moisture makes stratification difficult.

The separation probability is a function of the ratio between the size of the screen opening and the size of the particle. If the ratio is large — in other words, the particle is much smaller than the opening — there is a high probability the particle will fall through. If the ratio is small — the particle is close in size to the opening — then the probability is low that it will fall through.

Motion on a Vibratory Screen is produced with a combination of amplitude (stroke) and frequency (speed). The goal is to allow the particle to see as many openings as possible as it travels down the screen, but never see the same opening twice. Large screen openings for large cuts can be achieved with high amplitude and low speed. For small screen openings for finer cuts, the opposite is true: low amplitude and high speed.With many years' export experiences, our Fine Vibrating Screen, China Vibrating Screen For Sale,Medium Size Material Vibrating Screen has been welcomed in international markets. Welcome contact us!

The working principle of banana vibrating screen:

The banana vibrating screen has a sloped surface at the feeding end, the screen surface adopts the form of broken lines with different inclination angles. The thickness of the material layer is unchanged from the feeding end to the discharging end. The ratio of material amount to flow rate on the screen surface of each section is stable, the material layer is high and uniform, so the screening efficiency is significantly improved, which is 1-2 times higher than that of the vibrating screen with the same effective area. 


Q1. How to choose the right equipment ?

A: VRV suggest you provide us the information of bulk material need to be handled, including the material parameters so that our technical staff will provide the most appropriate advice

Q2. Can I buy just one equipment?

A: Yes, there is no quantity limitation. We offer not only individual equipment, but also customize production lines for enterprises.

Q3. What’s your delivery time?

A: It depends on equipment. Normally it will take 1 to 3 months.

Q4. What’s your price terms and payment terms?

A: We accept EUR and USD

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