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Vibrating Screen Types & Working Principle

Feb. 14, 2022

A vibrating screen is mechanical equipment that uses vibrating screen panels to classify the mixture which contains different particles according to particle size. According to different structures and use, vibrating screens are usually be divided into many types by the vibrating screen manufacturers


Linear Vibrating Screen

The linear vibrating screen is driven by double vibrating motors. When the two vibrating motors are rotating synchronously and reversely, the excitation force generated by the eccentric block offsets each other in the direction parallel to the axis of the motor, and overlaps into a resultant force in the direction perpendicular to the axis of the motor, so the motion track of the linear vibrating screen machine is a straight line.


ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

Working Principle: The two motor axes of the linear vibrating screen have an angle of inclination in the vertical direction relative to the screen panel. Under the combined force of the exciting force and the self-gravity of the material, the material is thrown on the screen surface to jump or move forward in a straight line. Through the multi-layer screen panels, a variety of specifications of materials are generated, and discharged from their respective outlets, so as to achieve screening and classification.


The linear vibrating screen is suitable for screening various dry powder or granular materials with a particle size of 0.074-5mm, moisture content <7%, and no viscosity. The feed particle size is not more than 10 mm.


Circular Vibrating Screen

A circular vibrating screen is a new type of vibrating screen with a multi-layer screen and high efficiency. According to the type of materials and the requirements of users, the high manganese steel woven screen, punched screen plate and rubber screen plate can be used. The circular vibrating screen is installed in the seat type. The adjustment of the screen surface angle can be realized by changing the position and height of the spring support.


Working Principle: The motion track of the screen box of the circular vibrating screen is circular. The circular vibrating screen uses the inertia exciter to produce vibration. The main shaft fixed on the screen box is driven by the motor to rotate at high speed, and the eccentric body installed on the main shaft rotates with it, generating centrifugal inertia force, so that the screen box can freely vibrate will produce vibration similar to the circular track.

Circular Vibrating Screen

  Circular Vibrating Screen     

A circular vibrating screen is widely used in the materials classification of mining, building materials, transportation, energy, chemical industry, and other industries because of its long flowing line and many screening specifications.


Grizzly Screen

A grizzly screen is often used for pre-screening before coarse and medium crushing of materials. The mesh size is generally >50mm, but sometimes <25mm. The grizzly screen has a simple and solid structure, no power consumption, no moving parts, low equipment cost, and convenient maintenance, but the productivity is low, the screening efficiency is not high, generally, 50% – 60%, and the mesh is easy to be blocked.


Working Principle: Generally, the grizzly screen is placed in an inclined position, and the materials are dumped at the high end. Under the action of its own weight, it slides down the screen surface, and the particles smaller than the gap or hole on the screen surface pass through the screen to achieve classification.


The inclination angle of the screen is related to the static friction angle of the material. Generally, the inclination angle is 35°-45°, and the viscosity material can reach about 50°.

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