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The Role of High Frequency Vibrating Screens in Mineral Processing

Jun. 27, 2022

Mechanical vibrating screens are typically used to extract granular ore material and separate it into a variety of grades based on its particle size. They usually consist of a drive, screen media, and a bay. These machines are commonly used in mining and mineral processing, agriculture, pharmaceuticals, food, plastics, recycling, and many other industries.


To date, there are several types of mechanical screening machines with a unique set of features and characteristics. One of these is the high-frequency vibrating screen. Due to its efficiency and other significant factors, this type of screen is most commonly used in the mineral processing industry.


Features of high frequency vibrating screens

High frequency vibrating screens are used to screen wet or dry granular ore material to a size of approximately 200 microns. They operate at an inclination angle of between 0 and 45 degrees, operate with a low stroke, and contain frequencies of 1,500 to 7,200 revolutions per minute. The vibration frequency of these screens is regulated and set by an electromagnetic vibrator mounted above the screen surface and connected to the screen deck.

High Frequency Vibrating Screen

 High Frequency Vibrating Screen

Unlike other mechanical screening machines, high-frequency vibrating screens have a fixed screen box. In addition, these machines have an adjustable gap width, which allows the material to be sorted according to its size and availability. The fines from below the vibrating screen are discarded to avoid excessive crushing and repeated grinding. However, the fines from the small gaps are stored for other purposes.


Mineral processing with high frequency vibrating screens

High frequency vibrating screens are most suitable for mineral processing activities as they produce highly accurate size control. Both ferrous and non-ferrous ores are processed for beneficiation. After crushing and pounding these ores, they are fed into the HF vibrating screens to precisely select the material to be processed at the next stage.


A good example of the use of a high frequency vibrating screen is a closed grinding circuit. It has one or more mills that release and discharge the ground product into the HF vibrating screens. These screens will then filter and take any coarse product back to the mill for further grinding. On the other hand, all fine-grained material is properly unloaded to avoid over-crushing and repeated grinding.

ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen     

Any beneficiation activity where the fineness of the recovered material is a high priority can easily benefit from the HF vibrating screens. Due to the ability of the HF vibrating screen, smaller sizes can also be separated quickly, which can easily reduce overall energy consumption and result in a high-quality end product.

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