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Difference Between Circular Vibrating Screen And Linear Vibrating Screen

Sep. 20, 2021

Whether it is crusher production line or sand production line, basically all use vibrating screen. There are many types of vibrating screens, which can be divided into circular vibrating screen and linear vibrating screen according to the trajectory of the material. These two types of screening equipment are usually used in daily production. So, what is the difference between a circular vibrating screen and a linear vibrating screen? The following teaches you to distinguish between circular vibrating screens and linear vibrating screens.


There is no essential difference between the style and structural composition of circular and linear vibrating screens. The material is screened by vibrating the surface of the screen, but the difference in the vibration trajectory will directly affect the screening purpose.

Circular Vibrating Screen

  Circular Vibrating Screen     

What is Circular vibrating screen?

The motor drives the eccentric block of the exciter at high speed through a v-belt which generates a large centrifugal inertia force, thus stimulating the circular motion of the screen box by a certain amplitude. The material on the screen is transmitted through the screen frame on an inclined screen surface. A given pulse produces a continuous throwing motion. As the material encounters the surface of the screen, particles smaller than the screen holes can pass through the screen, thus achieving classification.


What is Linear Vibrating Screen?

The vibrating motor is used as a source of vibration, causing the material to be thrown over the screen and to advance in a straight line at the same time. The material enters the inlet of the sifter uniformly from the feeder and passes through the multilayer sieve to produce the data. The above-mentioned sieves and under-screening specifications are discharged from their respective outlets.


1. Materials

Typically, the plates used to produce circular vibrating screens are thicker and the boxes are made of manganese steel to resist the impact of the material during the screening process. The material used for the production of linear vibrating screens is mainly light plate or stainless steel plate.

ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen

ZKK Series Linear Vibrating Screen     

2. Screen angle

Depending on the particle size of the material, the circular vibrating screen can change the angle of inclination of the screen surface, thus changing the speed of movement of the material along the screen surface and increasing the productivity of the screen machine. Generally speaking, linear vibrating screens have a smaller screen angle during production.


3. Fields of application

The circular vibrating screen mainly screens materials with high specific gravity, large particles and high hardness. It is widely used in the mining industry, for example in mines, coal and quarries. The linear screen mainly screens fine particles, light specific gravity and low hardness materials. It is mainly used for dry, fine grained or micronised materials. It is commonly used in the food, chemical, construction material and pharmaceutical industries.


4. Environmental protection

The linear vibrating screen can adopt a fully enclosed structure, no dust spillage, more conducive to environmental protection. The most widely used in the field of mining crushing is the circular vibrating screen. In practice, the choice of circular or linear vibrating screen depends on the type of material and the application area of the user.

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