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What Affects the Performance of a Cone Crusher?

Mar. 10, 2021

To make sure that your crusher is delivering the desired product, and maximizing its efficiency and productivity, there are a few potential issues that you should be alert to. The cone crusher supplier has researched the factors that – If the problem is not properly addressed – can cause cone crushers to perform below their optimal level.

Crushing chamber selection

The primary contributor to poor cone crusher performance is crushing chamber selection. If the fit between the mantle and concave – in combination with the eccentric throw setting – is incorrect, then the optimal reduction ratio cannot be achieved. The wrong crushing chamber set-up can cause a loss in your reduction ratio of up to 40%.

Cone Crusher

Feeding conditions

Poor feeding conditions can also be a factor. Any kind of irregularity in the feed – whether from the segregated feed, a misaligned feeder, or blockages or packing in the chamber – can cause performance to drop by up to 30%. Depending on the type of irregularity, poor feeding conditions can either cause fluctuations in pressure over time, or in different parts of the chamber. Any fluctuation in pressure means that the optimal force will not be delivered consistently so, of course, crusher performance declines.

These are the two main causes of sub-optimal crushing performance, but losses in the reduction ratio can also be caused by selecting the wrong mantle or by having a poor chamber profile or design. Surprisingly, selecting the wrong alloy has no effect when it comes to the reduction ratio (although this will affect the life of wearable parts in your crusher). 

Advantages of cone crushers

1. Simple structure, smooth operation, stable performance and leading output among similar products; The cone crusher has a robust and durable frame with CO shield welding and heat treatment.

2. All easily worn parts adopt high manganese steel, to prolong the service life of the mainframe. A spring locking device can provide stable crushing force and excessive iron release protection;

3. A hydro-cylinder for chamber clean can quickly remove aggregates not-easily crushed materials, to greatly shorten maintenance time.

4. A material-discharging port is hydraulically adjusted so that the adjustment is convenient, quick and accurate; A labyrinth type dustproof ring is used for sealing to ensure clean lubricating oil;

5. The mounting faces of moving and static gear plates both are subjected to finish machining, and fillers are not used so that their replacements are convenient and quick;

6. A lubricating system is provided with an oil return and temperature protection device, and interlocked with the main motor so that the main motor is protected from damage.

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