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How to Solve the Phenomenon That the Linear Vibrating Screen Is Not Finely Mixed

Aug. 14, 2020

The linear vibrating screen is one of the widely used screening equipment, but the linear vibrating screen still has the phenomenon of not screening fine mixing. How to find the cause and solve the problem, the following editor will tell you:

Reasons for poor screening:

1. The sieve of the screen is blocked (anti-clogging device should be added)

2. The moisture of the material thrown into the vibrating screen is too large (the viscosity is large, and it is put into the vibrating screen after proper drying)

3. Uneven feeding of vibrating screen surface (add material divider)

4. The material layer on the vibrating screen is too thick (increase the material divider to control the feeding amount)

5. The screen frame is not stretched forward.

Linear Vibrating Screen


1 It is often necessary to reduce the load of the light vibrating screen and clean the vibrating screen

2. Change the inclination of the screen box

3. Adjust the feeding amount of the vibrating screen

4. Tighten the screen and draw the drive belt closer.

5. When nailing the screen frame of the vibrating screen, the bead shall be extended forward by 2 cm, and the suspended nail of the screen shall be nailed under the extended bead to prevent the mixing of materials.

Matters needing attention before using linear vibrating screen

Everyone knows that the linear vibrating screen is high-speed moving screening equipment. During the operation of the vibrating screen, the operators and inspectors must maintain a certain safe distance to prevent personal accidents. When starting the linear vibrating screen, it must be carried out in accordance with the processing system, and The operator should read the duty record before work and conduct a general inspection of the equipment, such as checking the tension of the triangular belt, the oil level in the vibrator; checking the tension of the screen surface, the tightening of the bolts and the damage of the screen surface circumstances, when the linear vibrating screen is working and running, the working conditions of the exciter and the screen box should be checked visually and auditorily. The shutdown of the linear vibrating screen should conform to the sequence of the processing system. Except for special requirements, it is strictly prohibited to continue feeding to the sieve after stopping the shaker. After stopping the shaker, please touch the bearing cover nearby to check the temperature rise of the bearing by hand. The technical status and faults found in the linear shaker on duty shall be recorded in the shift record. The vibration screen record should indicate the damage category of the component and the date of adding and changing the oil of the exciter.

The above information is provided by the vibrating screen manufacturer.

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