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What are the reasons and solutions of Linear Vibrating Screen during the sieving process?

Jan. 17, 2020

Linear Vibrating Screen can realize multi-layer screening when sieving materials, so the materials can be classified. So what are the reasons and solutions for mixing in the linear vibration screen during the screening process?

1. Long-term use will cause damage to the screen

It is very necessary to check the screen of the linear vibrating screen frequently, and the inspection and maintenance of the screen are also mentioned in the daily maintenance of the linear vibrating screen. maintain. If damaged, replace the screen.

2. The sealing strip is not tight.

When the linear vibrating screen is found to have mixed materials, it is necessary to timely check the sealing condition of the screen frame and the screen frame, and the screen frame and the screen body. If the seal is not tight, it is recommended to use a sealing strip to seal or replace the screen frame.

3. The motor excitation force is too small

Whether the motor excitation force is too small, and the excitation force is too small, which may cause incomplete screening, and small and large materials cannot be completely classified. This situation is mostly caused by the longer use time of the vibration screen motor or the replacement of the motor. Adjust the excitation force of the motor or replace it with a new one!

4. the damage of the grid

There are different types of linear vibrating screens. The wooden screens will be damaged due to vibration in long-term use. The classification of materials will cause the phenomenon of mixing the linear vibrating screens through the damaged screens. Everyone must pay more attention to observation when using the linear vibrating screen.

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

As a Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, share with you when the feeding amount is too large or uneven:

In the screening process of the vibrating screen, the width of the vibrating screen determines its processing capacity and the length determines its screening effect. If the feeding amount of the vibrating screen is over the Ambassador's equipment, it cannot be screened. Or the feeding width is not uniform, which causes the material to accumulate, which easily causes the screen to be unevenly stressed and accelerates its damage.

Solution: evenly feed materials. In the feeding mode with strong impact force, a buffer hopper is added to the vibrating screen. The direct impact of the material on the screen will consume the exciting force generated by the vibration source, and it is more likely to cause screen damage and screen fatigue.

In the operation of the vibrating screen, you should always pay attention to the abnormal noise or vibration, and you can control the vibration of the equipment by adjusting the excitation force, so as not to damage the equipment parts such as the screen or the motor if the excitation force is too strong. Attention should be paid to the quality and output of the screened materials. When an abnormality occurs, the screen and other components should be stopped to inspect and the damaged screen should be replaced in time.

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