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How to Prevent Rusting of Circular Vibrating Screen?

Sep. 21, 2019

No matter how fast the modern economy develops, one thing will never change with these developments. Like a Circular Vibrating Screen, careless repairs still rust. Due to the economic development, there is more and more stainless steel, and now the stainless steel is used instead of the screen, but the problem still exists. Why does the Circular Vibrating Screen rust? How to prevent Circular Vibrating Screen from rusting? As a Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations.

Reasons for Circular Vibrating Screen rust:

The oxide film protecting the stainless steel surface is oxidized in a specific environment, and then corroded and rusted: the stainless steel surface has a passivation film which is essentially a very stable oxide form. Has a strong corrosion resistance. When the surface of the circular vibrating screen is poorly passivated, a pitting reaction occurs after the stimulation. Continued use will cause the passivation film on the screen to fall off and damage the screen.

Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen

How to prevent Circular Vibrating Screen from rusting?

1. Clean and keep the circular shaker: Do not scratch the surface of the screen when cleaning. Also, avoid the use of bleaching ingredients and abrasives. After cleaning, be sure to rinse the screen surface with clean water.

2. Remove dirt and grease: If Ore Circular Vibrating Screen does not require a layer of dust or other dirt for a long time, we can wash it with warm water, soap or weak detergent, and the label can be washed off. If there is oil on the surface of the stainless steel screen, first scrub it with a soft cloth and then with a detergent. If bleach and various acids adhere to it, rinse immediately with water and then rinse with a neutral detergent. If the stainless steel screen or other things have surface dirt causing rust, use a special cleaner to clean. If not, use 10% nitric acid or a grinding detergent.

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