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What Should Be Paid Attention to When Installing Linear Vibrating Screen?

Aug. 21, 2020

The linear vibrating screen can automatically adjust the height of the feed inlet according to the production requirements, and can independently control the height of the equipment feed inlet. Increasing the height of the feeding inlet can achieve the effect of rapid screening, and reducing the height to the normal height can achieve the effect of fine screening. What work needs to be done before the layout and installation? The following vibrating screen manufacturer will tell you in detail about the linear vibrating screen layout and installation requirements and matters needing attention.

A certain installation location should be reserved. When reserving the installation position, it should be noted that the reserved position cannot be reserved according to the outline size of the linear screen. This is because the linear screen movement is forward and backward. If you want to speed up the linear vibrating screen, the traditional way is to increase The motor's excitation force or the feed opening of the screen frame should be increased at the time of purchase. Therefore, the reserved installation location must be more than 1 meter larger than the actual size of the equipment; for the above problems, we can solve the following ways:

1. For the problem of screen damage, you can purchase accessories provided by regular suppliers. During the production process, uniform distribution should be used to reduce the load of the screen to extend the service life of the screen;

2. For the problem of grid fixing, check regularly and tighten the fixing screw or wire in time during use;

3. In addition to the production problem, the screen frame fracture problem is that the motor's excitation force is too large and the screen frame is broken. This problem is mostly for users to adjust the motor's excitation force by themselves in order to increase the output, but because the power of the vibration motor is different for different types of linear vibrating screens, and the adjustment of the excitation force also needs to be within the motor's acceptable range.

Linear Vibrating Screen

After the installation position is determined, the reserved position needs to be leveled before installation. Since the material is still stagnant after the motor line is connected normally, you should check the motor installation position and the height of the discharge port. The height of the discharge port can be observed intuitively, but the installation position of the motor needs to be determined technically, so if you find the above problems, please contact the manufacturer immediately to return it to the factory for re-production. When the linear screen is designed, the screen frame has a certain inclination (usually 45°), so the reserved position needs to be leveled.

Precautions during installation: The equipment can be produced according to different user industries and production requirements. The material can be Q235 carbon steel, 304, 316L stainless steel, and carbon steel can be painted and sandblasted. Although increasing the motor excitation force can speed up the discharging speed, it will also increase the load of the motor and the screen frame and reduce the service life of the equipment. In addition, if the two motors are not adjusted synchronously when the linear screen is adjusted, it will cause problems such as the operation instability of the equipment which cannot meet the requirements.



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