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Differences Between Circular And Linear Vibrating Screen

Jun. 18, 2021

Vibrating screens have a wide variety of types according to the movement track of materials, such as circular vibrating screens, linear vibrating screens, and fine screening machines, and these three are the most commonly used types in daily production.


Classification of vibrating screen

The material trajectory of the vibrating screen can be divided into:


Fine screening machines are used less in the production of broken grinding, so the comparisons here are mainly for linear screens and circular screens. Actually, there is no essential difference between circular vibrating screens and linear vibratory screens on the pattern and structural composition. The materials are sieved by the vibration of the sieve surface to achieve the purpose of screening, but the difference in vibration trajectory will directly affect the purpose of screening.

Working guidelines

Circular vibrating screen

The motor is driven by the triangle belt, so that the exciter eccentric wheel rotates at high speed, generating a large centrifugal inertia force, which excites the circular vibrating screen to produce a certain amplitude of circular motion. The material on the screen is subjected to the continuous throwing motion of the impulse transmitted by the screen box on the inclined screen surface, and the particles smaller than the screen hole are sieved in the process of meeting the screen surface to achieve classification.

Circular Vibrating Screen

 Circular Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen

The vibrating motor is used as the vibration source so that the material is thrown on the screen while advancing in a straight line. The material enters the linear vibrating screen evenly from the inlet and produces several different sizes of oversize and undersize products through the multilayer screen, which are discharged from the respective outlet.


Comparison of differences

1. Motion trajectory

The material on the circular vibrating screen moves in a circle, and the material on the linear screen moves in a straight line.


2. Exciter

A circular vibrating screen is also called a single-shaft vibrating screen, because the exciter is a shaft, with inertia motor operation. Linear vibrating screen exciter consists of two shafts, using the principle of vibration motor excitation work, so it is also known as double shaft vibrating screen.


3. Blocking phenomenon

Circular vibrating screen material on the screen surface for parabolic circular motion, so that the material as far as possible to disperse, improve the material jumping force, while the material stuck in the screen hole can also jump out, so as to reduce the phenomenon of blocking holes.

 Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen     

4. Installation layout

Due to the small inclination of the linear screen surface, it reduces the screen height and facilitates the process layout.

5. Material

Generally, the plate used in the production of circular vibrating screens is thicker, and the box is made of manganese steel to resist the impact of the material in the screening process. The material used in the production of linear vibrating screens is mainly a light plate or stainless steel plate.


7. Field of application

A circular vibrating screen is mainly used for grading materials with high contrast, large particles, and high hardness. It is widely used in mining, coal, quarry, and other mining industries. Linear sieve is mainly for fine particles, lightweight and low hardness materials, mainly composed of dry powder, fine grain, or fine powder materials. It is widely used in food, chemical, building materials, medicine, and other industries.


8. Environmental protection

Linear vibrating screens can adopt a dust-free and fully enclosed structure, which is more conducive to environmental protection.


In the field of sand and gravel crushing or sand washing, a circular vibrating screen has a large number of applications. In actual production, the use of circular vibrating screens or linear vibrating screens mainly depends on the type of material and application area handled by the user. The purpose of screening is different, the choice of equipment is also different.

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