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Linear Vibrating Screen Problems and Solutions

Mar. 23, 2021

As a very important and commonly used grading and dewatering device, vibrating screen is widely used in mining, chemical industry, etc. Its operation principle is that the vibration of the screen body makes the material on the screen surface achieve dispersion and stratification, and then realize the grading and dewatering of the material with the help of a permeable screen. The application of vibrating screen in coal processing production, realize the raw coal manual gravity sorting to mechanical sorting upgrade change, make coal plant coal sorting efficiency has been greatly improved, improve coal plant comprehensive benefit at the same time save a lot of manpower and material resources.

With years of development, vibrating screen in the manufacturing and screening performance has also made great progress, but due to long-term vibration in the operation of the vibrating screen, affecting the use cycle and operational performance of the vibrating screen. In view of this, combined with the actual production, the analysis and investigation of vibrating screen failure, summarize the optimization of targeted improvement measures, to further improve the comprehensive benefits of the coal processing plant is of great significance. 

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear vibrating screen common problems and optimization and improvement analysis

Analysis of common problems

a) The original screen plate of the linear vibrating screen in coal processing plant A is fixed with a high strength T-press plate. Although this method can fully meet the needs of production use, when the operator removes the screen plate for maintenance, it is easy to cause wet material to mix into the pressure plate, thus accelerating the aging of the equipment and significantly reducing the integrity of the equipment, causing a negative impact on the use cycle of the equipment.

b) The linear vibrating screen at Coal Plant A was originally equipped with an L-shaped press bar. These bars not only cause severe wear on the screen plate over a long period of time, but also cause a large amount of coal to accumulate on the screen plate over a long period of time, which significantly increases the operating load of the equipment when vibrating with the vibrating screen, resulting in a significant shortening of the equipment life cycle.

Optimisation and improvement analysis

a) Optimisation of the screen plate fixing method. In order to significantly improve the screen plate fixing effect, the L-shaped fastening bolt originally used for screen plate fixing was changed to a T-shaped fastening bolt by technical improvement analysis, as shown in Figure 1. With this improvement, not only is the fixing effect of the screen plate significantly improved, but the internal components of the device are effectively protected from moisture deterioration when the screen plate is dismantled, thus improving the operational effectiveness of the equipment.

b) Optimisation of the sieve plate and press bar structure. In order to effectively change the problems of wear and load on the vibrating screen that exist in the use of the L-shaped press bar, the original L-shaped press bar was changed to a flat press bar after technical improvement analysis. This improvement of the screen plate structure can significantly reduce the impact on the screen plate during the coal screening process, and also significantly increase the coal screening speed and operational efficiency.





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