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How to Install the Screen Correctly for the Linear Vibrating Screen?

Jul. 29, 2020

The linear vibrating screen has a certain sequence and attention to details in the process of installing and replacing the screen. Incorrect installation methods not only fail to install but also damage the screen. Today vibrating screen manufacturer will tell you how to install the screen correctly:

First of all, we need to know that there are two types of linear vibrating screen frames: the wooden net frame and steel net frame. The wooden net frame is mainly used in the abrasive industry, which can avoid the friction between the material and the carbon steel plate and the iron powder mixed in the material, which affects the product quality. The main advantage of the steel net frame is that it is durable, not easy to break, and has a large screening area.

When installing, we choose different widescreen surfaces according to the model, such as the 05 series linear screening 1000mm widescreen surface, 1230 type 1225 linear screening 1300mm widescreen surface, 1530 type 1535 type, etc. 1600mm screen surface, The length of the screen surface is increased by 50mm according to the length of the linear vibrating screen frame. The purpose is to extend the screen to the discharge port to prevent the material from flowing into the lower screen to cause mixing. For the screen with a relatively fine mesh, in order to prevent damage during the screening process To block the net, you need to add a net on the reverse side of the net frame, and then prevent a bouncing ball and other net cleaning devices on the top. When installing the screen, at least two people are required to operate, one to fix it, and one to tighten it. The screen after installation The screen surface should be flat and tensioned. This kind of screen surface material movement track will be obvious, which can improve the screening output and accuracy. The linear vibrating screen wooden frame is fixed with wooden bars and iron nails. The iron frame needs to be fixed in order to have tension on the screen surface. The plane of the mesh frame is welded with an "L"-shaped boss, and then the screen mesh is laid flat on the screen surface, fixed with flat iron around, fixed with screws or rivets if the screen mesh is relatively thin, it needs to be supported on the back of the mesh frame The screen or sieve plate prevents bouncing balls and other cleaning devices to prevent materials from blocking the screen.

Linear Vibrating Screen

What is the linear vibrating screen effect related to?

We all know that linear vibrating screens and my vibrating screens rely on the exciting force generated by the vibrating motor to move materials on the screen surface to the discharge port. When the materials pass on the screen surface, the materials smaller than the mesh size of the screen will fall. Continue to screen the size of the particle size on the screen of the next layer, and so on, but it is not that the more layers of the linear vibrating screen, the better. Generally, the screen of the linear vibrating screen can be laid 6 layers, and the screen is 7 For materials with different particle sizes, the screening effect will be affected to a certain extent due to too many layers. Here we start with the structure of the linear vibrating screen.

The linear vibrating screen relies on two vibration motors installed on the force transfer plate at the lower part of the box to generate the exciting force. The exciting force is transmitted to the screen surface through the box. The exciting force decreases as the number of layers of the screen increases. When the exciting force is transmitted When it reaches the upper screen, it is not enough for the material to jump on the screen surface, which easily affects the screening effect. At this time, you can adjust the size of the exciting force by appropriately increasing the angle of the motor eccentric block, but the high power of the motor exciting force and the generated exciting force are a certain amount, so the number of layers of the screen should be designed according to the needs, not blindly seeking more Ignore the screening effect.

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