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How Do You Set Up A Bitumen Plant?

Mar. 12, 2022

The asphalt mixing plant is the backbone of the construction industry. It is a combination of machinery and electronics used to mix, heat, dry, and blend aggregates such as sand, stone, and other recycled materials. The quality and speed of construction work depending on the productivity of the asphalt mixing plant - its location and plant planning. Therefore, there are many factors you need to consider when setting up a plant.


Construction site. Before setting up a plant, you need to properly check whether the building will have any impact on residents and the environment. You must also see if the construction site is cost-effective. In addition, you should consider the following aspects.


There is a proper distance between the construction site and the asphalt mixing plant. Having the mixing plant within the proper range will ensure a quick and smooth construction job.

Check if there are sufficient water and electricity resources.

There should be no residential community around the asphalt plant to avoid noise complaints.

The site must be friendly to the mixing tower - good mobility, material staging, and geological conditions. An asphalt mixing plant-friendly site will also help you to minimize production costs.

LB Asphalt Mixing Plant

 LB Asphalt Mixing Plant


The LB asphalt mixing plant is produced independently by Anshan and we offer a wide range of specifications from model 1000 to model 4000, which can be equipped with different structures precipitators, and different end product bins according to customers' requirements. LB asphalt mixing plant has the characteristics such as stable performance, high reliability, high rate of a qualified product, low breakdown rate, etc. which can meet requirements of all kinds of high-quality asphalt mixing, it has received unanimous appraisal from our old customers.

Setup of Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

There are two types of asphalt mixing plants - stationary mixing plants and mobile mixing plants. Stationary mixing plants are installed at a fixed location, while mobile mixing plants are moved from one location to another.

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To set up a mobile asphalt mixing plant, you need to consider the following points.


The location should be scientific

It should be fully checked to provide the required output

Place the tower on solid ground

If a concrete foundation is required, it should be prepared according to the load-bearing capacity

Make sure there is enough space for material stalking

Ensure smooth movement of trucks

Have proper distance between machines

Considerations during the relocation of a mixing tower

You may need to relocate the mixing tower from one contract to another. You need to dismantle the mixing plant quickly and perfectly. Pay close attention to the following factors.


Read the manual in detail before dismantling the machine

Hire a professional when in doubt. A disassembly team can be a bit expensive, but it can save you from accidental damage and also save your time.

Be extra careful during the transportation of the equipment.

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Final Appeal

Once you have installed the mixing plant, you need to test to see if everything is working properly.


Perform a pressure test to check for leaks.

Thoroughly check to make sure everything is neatly laid out.

Finally, do a trial run

Last but not least, you need to make sure that you follow all the instructions correctly. Also, proper care of the plant will provide the service you expect and help you complete your building project smoothly.


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