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What is the Cause of the Eccentric Shaft Break of the Vibrating Screen and the Prevention Method?

Mar. 13, 2020

When the vibrating screen encounters the eccentric shaft break during the operation, it will greatly affect the production schedule, increase the maintenance cost, and bring direct economic losses to the user. So, what is the reason for the eccentric shaft of the shaker to break? Vibrating Screen Manufacturer has compiled the following knowledge for you. Understanding these will help you prevent problems from happening at the source and prevent them from happening.

1. Cause analysis of eccentric shaft fracture of Vibrating Screen

(1) According to industry data and user usage, the service life of eccentric shaft is generally 1-2 years. If the time is too long, the eccentric shaft may break due to fatigue failure due to long-term work.

(2) The tension of the V-belt is too large. Under the action of alternating stress for a long time, the eccentric shaft is broken due to fatigue failure. If the vibrating screen is often started by the material, a large starting torque is required to increase the belt tension, so the force of the eccentric shaft will be relatively increased. If the time is too long, fatigue damage will occur.

(3) The material of the eccentric shaft is bad. The traditional material of the eccentric shaft is forged with 45 # steel, but many manufacturers have caused forging defects in order to save costs, did not choose materials according to the original design, and the forging quality is poor and the internal structure is uneven.

(4) The eccentric shaft is not machined in place. Because the rotation process at the shaft step requires rounded corner transitions, the rounded corners are not round, and it is easy to cause stress concentration, and the failure is broken under the action of long-term vibration force.

(5) When the balance wheel is assembled, the shaft will be excessively impacted by external forces, which may also damage the eccentric shaft.

Vibrating screen assembly site.

Circular Vibrating Screen

Circular Vibrating Screen

2. Due to the above reasons, the eccentric shaft of the vibrating screen may break, so it is recommended to take the following precautions.

(1) Choose a regular shaker manufacturer, product materials and processing technology, usually 40Cr eccentric shaft, longer life.

(2) If there is no load or material on the vibrating screen, please restart.

(3) When meeting the requirements, please reduce the tension as much as possible to reduce the tension on the eccentric shaft.

(4) When the balance wheel is heated to the specified size during assembly, it can be assembled. Never use external force, such as hammering. If the previous wheel hole is not heated enough to expand, the balance wheel cannot be installed in one place, so you must avoid forcibly damaging it.

(5) Strengthen the daily inspection and maintenance of the equipment, and handle the abnormal situation in time to avoid bearing damage or failure.

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