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Why does Linear Vibrating Screen Go Out of Charge?

Mar. 07, 2020

The linear vibrating screen used by the Vibrating Screen Manufacturer will suddenly have a more obvious phenomenon of unsmooth material transportation during operation, and then the material will be discharged in a certain direction. At this time, the appearance of the vibrating screen in this plant must be examined The problem is analyzed one by one, which may cause the material conveyance of the Linear Vibrating Screen is not smooth and the material is inclined to be discharged in a certain direction.

Linear Vibrating Screen

Linear Vibrating Screen

1. tilt angle of vibration motor

To put it simply, the linear vibrating screen mainly uses the vibration motor vibration source to make the material be jumped on the screen, and at the same time, push the material with a certain amount of exciting force in a fixed direction.

The tilt angle of the linear vibrating screen is generally a fixed value. Some can be adjusted, but some cannot be adjusted. Such a situation generally changes the direction of the exciting force for adjustment. According to the material condition and processing capacity, the angle of the eccentric block is generally adjusted for the vibration motor to adjust the excitation force. For linear screens with double eccentric blocks and shafts, the eccentric mass of the eccentric block can be adjusted to increase the excitation force, change the phase angle of the double eccentric block and the shaft, and change the direction of the excitation force.

2. Strength and damage of shock-absorbing spring

For linear vibrating screens, the importance of shock-absorbing springs is no less than that of the above-mentioned vibrating motors. It plays a pivotal role in maintaining the stability of the vibrating screen and extending its life.

The shock-absorbing spring is divided into rubber, spiral steel spring and compound spring. For helical steel springs, shock absorber springs with different thicknesses have different strengths. If the size of the vibrating screen is large or the excitation force of the vibrating motor is too strong, the use of a thin shock-absorbing spring may cause the spring to break, which will affect the normal operation of the vibrating screen and cause the deviation of the output.

3. The center of gravity of the linear screen and the position of the eccentric block of the vibration motor

Generally, such technical problems as those of the center of gravity of the linear sieve itself or the position of the eccentric block of the motor produced by a regular ore dressing equipment manufacturer are almost non-existent. After inspection, the technical experts determined that the position of the center of gravity of the linear vibrating screen itself was stable and the position of the eccentric block of the motor was balanced.

4. Screen box deformation

The screen box usually refers to above the vibration motor and below the feeding port, and is composed of the screen frame and the screen surface fixed around it. When the linear vibrating screen works, the screen frame needs to bear both the gravity of the screened material and the strong excitation force of the vibration motor. If the strength is insufficient, the screen frame is easily deformed and damaged.

In addition to the material requirements, the strength of the screen box also requires a unique welding process and a solid design. The linear vibrating screen body purchased by the customer is welded by rolled steel plates, which has good overall rigidity, strength, and reliability.

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