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What Are the Advantages of Impact Crusher?

Feb. 02, 2021

Impact crusher is a kind of crushing machine that uses impact energy to crush materials. When the material enters the plate hammer area, it is crushed by the impact of the plate hammer on the rotor, and then it is thrown to the impact device and crushed again, and then it bounces back to the plate hammer area from the impact liner. The material is discharged from the discharge port.

The stone falls directly from the upper part of the machine into the high-speed rotating turntable; under the action of high-speed centrifugal force, it will collide with another part of the flying stones around the turntable in an umbrella-shaped way to produce high-speed collision and high-density crushing, and after the stones strike each other, they will form a vortex movement between the turntable and the machine shell to cause multiple strikes and crushing.

Impact crusher is named according to the working principle, i.e. it uses the principle of impact crushing to crush the material, and is a kind of crusher equipment which is finer than jaw crusher, and is mainly used in stone production line for fine crushing operation, and cooperates with jaw crusher for crushing. Impact crusher has the following five advantages in the process of crushing performance.

Impact Crusher

What Are the Advantages of Impact Crusher?

1.The impact crusher is more effective in handling wet materials and effectively prevents material blockage.

When handling materials with excessive moisture content, the feed chute and impact plate of the impact crusher can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from bonding. The impact crusher does not need to be equipped with a bottom screen plate to effectively prevent blockage.

2. Impact crusher is suitable for a wide range of material hardness.

The impact crusher's plate hammer is mechanically clamped to the rotor and has large rotational inertia when rotating with the rotor. Compared with hammer crusher (hammerhead is hanging), the rotor of impact crusher has greater momentum, which is suitable for crushing harder materials and lower energy consumption.

3. Convenient and flexible adjustment of discharge size, a wide range of adjustment

The impact crusher can adjust the discharge size in many ways, such as adjusting the rotor speed, adjusting the gap between the impact plate and the grinding chamber, etc. The gap adjustment can be done mechanically or hydraulically, and the hydraulic adjustment system can easily adjust the gap through the local operation button or the transport control system.

4. The wear and tear of wearing parts are small, high metal utilization rate.

The wear and tear of the plate hammer of the impact crusher only appear on the side facing the material. When the rotor speed is normal, the feed material will fall to the surface of the plate hammer (striking surface), the back and side of the plate hammer are not worn. Even on the side facing the material, the wear is minimal. And the bottom grinding bar is easy to replace. The metal utilization rate of impact crusher plate hammer can be as high as 45%-48%.

Easy replacement of impact crusher spare parts and reduced maintenance costs. Only 6 plate hammers are installed on the rotor of the impact crusher, which can be replaced easily with the designed special tools.

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