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The 8th Guangzhou Int’l AggregatesTechnology&Equipment Expo with linear screen

Sep. 03, 2022

Aggregates Technology&Equipment Expo with linear screen


Our Benefits:

  • Overall paint of the screen frame from the appearance

  • Weld Beads & weld Meat

  • Fillet grinding of plate rib parts

  • Appearance smoothness

  • Safety cover

  • Rubber coating&smooth

  • Crossbeam acked with plastic bags

    The 8th Guangzhou Int’l AggregatesTechnologyThe 8th Guangzhou Int’l AggregatesTechnologyThe 8th Guangzhou Int’l AggregatesTechnology

    The 8th Guangzhou Int’l AggregatesTechnology

Click the link https://www.screensaz.com/large-linear-vibrating-screen/gjzkk-series-large-linear-vibrating-screen.html to learn more about our high strength linear screen 

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