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Do you know the Reason and Solution of the Mixture of Linear Vibrating Screen?

Jun. 17, 2020

As a Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, share with you. The linear vibrating screen can realize multi-layer screening when screening materials, so it can classify the materials. Then, what are the reasons for the mixing of Linear Vibrating Screen in the screening process and what are the solutions?

Linear Vibrating Screen


Linear Vibrating Screen

1. Long-term use only causes damage to the screen

It is very necessary to check the screen of the linear vibrating screen frequently, and the linear vibrating screen also mentioned the inspection and maintenance of the screen in daily maintenance, so everyone must do a good job when using the linear vibrating screen for a long time. maintain. Replace the screen if damaged.

2. The sealing strip is not tightly sealed

When it is found that the linear vibrating screen has a mixing phenomenon, it is necessary to timely check the sealing conditions of the screen frame and the screen frame, and the screen frame and the screen body. If the seal is not tight, it is recommended to seal with a sealing strip or replace the screen frame.

3. The motor excitation force is too small

Whether the excitation force of the motor is too small. If the excitation force is too small, it is easy to cause incomplete sieving, and small and large materials cannot be completely classified. This situation is mostly caused by the longer use time of the vibration sieve motor or the time of replacing the motor. It can be solved by adjusting the exciting force of the motor or replacing it with a new motor!

4. Damage of the grid

There are different types of mesh frames for linear vibrating screens. The wooden mesh frame will be damaged due to vibration during long-term use. The classification of materials will cause the phenomenon of mixing of linear vibrating screens through the damaged mesh frame, so Everyone must pay more attention to observation when using a linear vibrating screen.

Linear vibrating screens are widely used in various industries. Before use, we will carry out various checks to ensure that the linear vibrating screen can operate normally. Install the linear vibrating screen strictly in accordance with the installation and operation instructions. The preparations required before installation are as follows: check whether the motor power meets the requirements, whether the surface is damaged, whether the motor bearings are elastic and whether the motor screws are tightened. The angle of the counterweight of the vibration motor can be adjusted according to the specific gravity and the output of the screening material to meet the production needs.

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