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Do you know why the Vibrating Screen is Beating?

Feb. 22, 2020

After a long period of use, the Vibrating Screen shaft may break, fail to start, or the jump is large and unstable when starting. The following Crushing Plant Vibrating Screen Manufacturer introduces several common reasons for the large vibration of the screen:

High Frequency Vibrating Mesh Screen

High Frequency Vibrating Mesh Screen

1.Exciting force is too strong

Vibration motors provide excitation force to the equipment during operation. If the motor power and model do not match, it may cause large jumps or displacements during use. In order to increase the screening output or accuracy, some customers may adjust the excitation force of the motor to exceed the rated range, which may also cause the vibration of the vibrating screen to be intense.

Therefore, if the user wants to adjust the excitation force, it needs to be adjusted within the range that the motor can bear, he can consult the manufacturer, or let the technicians recommend a reasonable model based on the nature of the materials, screening requirements, output requirements and other factors when purchasing. .

2. The hardness of the damping spring is too large

The damping spring is used to connect the screen base and the screen frame, and it can also play a buffering role. If the spring hardness is too large, the buffering effect may not be achieved, which will cause the equipment to run out. Therefore, the user can solve the problem caused by excessive spring hardness by selecting a higher quality spring.

3. Improper installation

If the ground is uneven or improperly installed during the installation of the shaker, it may cause excessive vibration, which will cause the shake of the shaker to be large. Therefore, pay attention when installing the shaker.

4. Loose anchor bolts

If the vibration is abnormal due to uneven ground, you need to check whether the anchor bolts are loose. Under the action of the vibration screen, long-term work will loosen the anchor bolts of the fixed base, which will cause the vibration screen to vibrate excessively during work. In this case, tighten the anchor bolts.

5.Motor steering

The vibration screen of the dual vibration motor will adjust the steering of the motor at the factory, but when the motor is worn or damaged, if the user changes the motor or the power is inconsistent, it may cause the vibration screen to jump. In this case, it is necessary to consult a technician to readjust the steering or eccentric block of the vibration motor.

Vibrating screen is a piece of indispensable sand-making equipment in sand-making production line. Failure to deal with problems in a timely manner will affect the progress of sand-making production and the grading quality of machine-made sand, so extra attention is required.

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