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How to Maximize the Capacity of Cone Crusher?

Feb. 20, 2021

Cone crusher is one of the popular medium and fine crushing equipment, which is suitable for crushing various medium and hard materials. However, many users find that sometimes even at full capacity, they still feel that the capacity of the crusher is not high enough to achieve the ideal production status. The next cone crusher supplier will share 5 operation tips to improve the capacity, hope it can help you.

Don't feed too little material

Feeding only a small amount of raw material does not reduce the burden on the cone breaker. Contrary to this, too little raw material will not only result in impaired product yield and poor grain size, but also adversely affect the bearings of the cone breaker.

According to the working principle of cone breakers, the actual power of cone breakers should not be less than 40% of the rated power. In order to obtain the proper "load bearing positioning" and maximize productivity, the actual power of the cone breaker should be kept between 40% and 100% of the rated power, and 75%-95% of the rated power is the best choice for operation. Operating beyond the rated power will affect the life of the cone breaker and cause various problems.

The feed drop point needs to be aligned with the center of the cone breaker inlet 

It is recommended to use a vertical guide plate to direct the feed drop point to the center of the cone breaker feed opening. Once the drop point is eccentric, the crushing chamber will be full of material on one side and no or little material on the other side, which will result in lower crusher throughput, more needle-like products, and oversized products.

Cone Crusher

Improper Operation

When this happens, operators tend to reduce the tight side discharge parameters in an attempt to get the crusher to produce the target particle size, however, this tends to cause problems such as overloading on the overfeed side, adjusting ring jumping, etc., which in the long run will cause problems such as adjusting ring tilting, buckling, and base damage, resulting in greater production losses.

Ensure uniform feeding

When feeding, it is necessary to avoid the situation that the large size stones are concentrated on one side and the small size stones are concentrated on the other side, so as to ensure that the stones are mixed evenly.

Once the material is not evenly fed, due to the abnormal increase of bulk density, the side where the small size stone is concentrated will easily be compacted and blocked, causing the adjusting ring to jump. Faced with the jumping of the adjusting ring caused by the blockage, the operation operator will be forced to increase the parameters of the discharge opening, resulting in an increase of the product particle size. In the long run, it will also cause adjusting ring damage and other problems, resulting in greater production losses.

Minimize buffer bin stagnation and improve production line efficiency

As the "enemy of production", the buffer bin of the cone breaker needs to be carefully arranged with other related equipment. The proper use of buffer bin/hopper, variable speed feeding device (conveyor belt, plate vibrating feeder) can enable the operator to keep the cone breaker "full" for a long time, which can easily increase the cone breaker output by 10%.

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