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Choosing The Right Cone Crusher For Your Application

Dec. 15, 2021

Cone crushers were originally designed and developed by Simmons around 1920 and are therefore often referred to as Simmons cone crushers. Since the crushing mechanism in these crushers is similar to that of a gyratory crusher, they are similar in design, but in this case, the main shaft is supported at the base of the gyratory cone rather than suspended as in the larger gyratory crushers.

Cone crushers are among the most versatile and useful aggregate crushing plants, and many of these machines play an integral role in providing aggregate products to the market.


Cone Crushers

A cone crusher is a compression-type machine that reduces material by squeezing or compressing the feed between moving pieces of steel and stationary pieces of steel. The final size and reduction are determined by the gap between the two crushing members at the closed side setting or lowest point. As the wedge or eccentric member rotates to create compression within the chamber, the material becomes smaller as it moves down through the wear bushing as the opening in the chamber becomes tighter. The crushed material passes through the chamber and is discharged at the bottom of the machine.


The cone crusher will provide a reduction ratio of 4:1 to 6:1. When we set the closed side tighter to produce finer output, we also reduce the size or throughput of the machine. In general, setting the closed side by 2 is a good guide to the maximum size of the taper exiting the machine.

Cone Crusher

 Cone Crusher     

Over the past 20 years, the crushing and grinding requirements of the mining industry have changed dramatically. With a focus on cost reduction, increased production, and energy efficiency, the industry requires a large number of crushing plants.


Modern cone crushers using hydraulic compression clamping have enabled the industry to crush more capacity with much more power than ever before. The automatic control of cone crushers has increased power consumption and throughput exponentially.


Cone crushers dominate the hard rock crushing market because they are suitable for secondary, tertiary, and quaternary applications. Cone crushers provide excellent crushing rates and production volumes for the production of high-quality aggregates and subbase materials. Due to their hydraulic release capability, non-crushable material does not affect the function of the crusher and the material can be safely removed from the chamber.


Three end products are available when oversized material does not need to be recirculated to the crusher. These multiple applications within one machine provide the versatility required by the mining and quarrying industry.



Traditionally considered useless because of its two primary materials (asphalt and aggregate), a modern crusher can separate asphalt from aggregate and reuse it as new asphalt. Modern asphalt plants can make new asphalt mixes from 70% of the recycled material. This is a huge improvement over the past when very little recycled asphalt had to be melted. This requires a lot of energy and is highly unsustainable.


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