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What are the Factors to Consider when Choosing Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen?

Sep. 03, 2019

Vibrating Screen for Mining Plants is usually found in mining production lines. The screening type is a large mineral material that plays an important role in coal mines, quarries, and metal mines. For different screening requirements, Vibrating Screen for Mining Plants has developed several types to meet customer needs, so what factors need to be considered for mining vibration screening? As a Crushing Plant Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, we have the following recommendations.

1. In the face of large-scale screening work, generally choose machinery that is larger than the planned production capacity, so that the equipment has sufficient power, there will be no overload operation, and the equipment life will not be reduced. It seems that this loss is actually a cost-effective use of long-term use.

2. Select the model to select a regular manufacturer, the components used on it are standardized and serialized. In production, if you encounter problems, you can directly replace the damaged parts to ensure normal and orderly production.

3. When choosing Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen, you should choose the model you want to repair, or choose a trusted manufacturer. Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen is usually used outdoors. The amount of material to be processed is large, and the production environment is liable to cause various problems in the equipment. Therefore, choosing a good manufacturer and a relatively easy to repair mine vibrating screen can save time and cost.

Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen

Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen

4. Quality is very important. If you choose a good manufacturer, you can solve all the problems. Choose a vibrating screen to ensure production stability. If you save money, Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen may bring you more trouble.

Sieves do not work well for Vibrating Screen for Mining Plants. How to increase the inclination of the vibrating screen directly affects the angle of the material entering the screen. If the inclination angle of the sieve machine is small, material particles close to the sieve holes are difficult to pass. In addition, the angle of inclination also affects the rate at which the material moves along the screen surface, the residence time on the screen surface, and the percentage of particles passing through the screen. To screen the shape of the material, most of the material processed by the Vibrating Screen for Mining Plants should be regular spherical particles so that the material can pass through the mesh in all directions and the elongated or plate-like material will be lateral. Because the cross-sectional areas are different in different directions, the meshing holes cannot be smoothly passed, resulting in a decrease in screening efficiency.

The size of the Ore Dressing Vibrating Screen (the ratio of the screen area to the total area of the screen) directly affects the screening efficiency of the equipment. Therefore, in theory, in order to increase the screening area of the small-hole sieve and avoid the use of the coarse sieve line, the fine sieve line is easy to wear and the treatment amount is low, so a classifier is usually used to sort finer material particles.

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