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It is important to choose the Circular Vibrating Screen to suit your needs

Nov. 22, 2019

As a Vibrating Screen Manufacturer, there is some information to share with you. In our lives, there is a widespread phenomenon that customers are prone to price misunderstandings when selecting goods. In fact, when we shop, it is important to choose the products that suit them. In the mining machinery industry, we also choose to purchase Ore Circular Vibrating Screen, you should first understand what kind of material you are sifting, and then select the screen that meets our screening requirements according to the particle size of the sieved material, so that you can purchase the suitable ones through the reasonable advice given by the circular vibrating screen manufacturer. Vibrating screening equipment. When customers use vibrating screens, they often encounter such problems. Summarize the following points and corresponding solutions:

Ore Circular Vibrating Screen

Ore Circular Vibrating Screen

The circular vibrating screen cannot be started or the amplitude is too small. Firstly, it is considered that there is an electrical barrier, the damage of the motor, or the damage of the components in the line, or the voltage is insufficient. These three aspects are no problem, and then the machine is checked. Whether the material on the surface is too much, if it is, it is cleared. Whether the coupling bolt on the vibration exciter is detached or not, and the grease is thickened and agglomerated. At this time, the vibration exciter can be cleaned and repaired, and then the position of the eccentric shaft weighting block or the sub eccentric block can be appropriately adjusted.

The flow of material on the screen surface is abnormal. First, the rigidity of the screen box is insufficient. Second, the horizontal level of the screen box is not accurately determined. From the support seat of the support foot spring or the spring itself, the change of the spring or the size of the pad or the support seat may be caused by the damage of the screen mesh, as long as the screen is replaced. can. If the rigidity of the screen box is insufficient and the horizontal level is not accurately determined, the beam will be broken. If it is still running, the material will flow abnormally. It is also possible that the operation is improper, that is, the feedstock is extremely unbalanced.

The quality of the screening is not good. The reason may be that the mesh is clogged, the fine particles in the sieve material increase and the moisture increases, so that the upper layer of the sieve is too thick, the feeding is uneven, and the like. It may also be that the two sides of the screen on the machine are not tightly pulled. If the shaft is eccentrically vibrated, the belt may be weak in the dragging, the belt is too loose, and the mechanical problems are processed, and the reverse rotation may be performed for a period of time to improve the screening. quality.

The vibrating screen rotates slowly and the bearing heats up. This means that the usual maintenance has not kept up. The bearing lacks grease. If it is a new grease, it is the quality problem of the grease or it is too full. The inferior oil makes the bearing block the labyrinth seal card. Plug, so the quality of the grease is quite important. Excessive noise may be caused by bearing damage, loose bolts, broken beams and spring damage. In addition to the tightening of the bolts, the other three conditions require replacement of the parts. Our company also has Dewatering Vibrating Screen on sale, if you need it, please consult.

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